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Sybernika – A Cyberpunk Classic

My novel ‘Sybernika’ recently reached a milestone – namely 1,000 downloads on Smashwords. It is, of course, downloadable from other sites but I have no figures for them.

Curious to see if my work had made any ripples out there in Internetland, I did a quick Google on the term ‘Sybernika’ and was pleasantly surprised to come across two highly flattering reviews of the book, one of which describes it as ‘a cyberpunk classic’.

Before I preen myself by publishing the reviews here, I’d like to mention you can download a free  copy of ‘Sybernika’ from where you can also read it online.

And now those reviews (both of which come from the Web Fiction Guide):

A cyberpunk web classic. Violent, depraved, and weird!” – Fiona Gregory.

Short but sweet. The second review is more detailed:

If you’re a fan of horror and scifi/cyberpunk, I can’t recommend this story enough. I only intended to read the first handful of chapters, but I ended up blowing through all of Part 1 (about half of the completed story, from what I can tell). It was grim and creepy, and incredibly well written, both in structure and story.

The story is told in a lilting, almost poetic style. I thought I would get bored or annoyed with it at first, but after a while I realized it really adds to the building atmosphere of the story . . . and what atmosphere! The scifi hook kept me reading at the beginning, but as the author subtly and unrelentingly built up the dread I found it impossible to stop.

I would mention the flipside of such amazing writing abilities; with such believable characters the darkness of this story became increasingly difficult to read. The violence, the domestic, emotional and sexual abuse, and the overall dark tone was a little hard to deal with, precisely due to the fact that it felt so real. I thought it was perfectly appropriate to the story, but readers with more delicate sensibilities may want to beware.

Honestly I’m shocked at how real the emotions were while reading this serial/novel. Module (read: chapter) 10.0 was able to deliver an emotional punch to the gut, and it’s a single sentence long. It’s rare that I encounter a character that I truly, viscerally hate, not because they’re annoying or over-the-top evil, but because I can see them as an actual person, real enough to loathe. The antagonists of Sybernika fall into that short list of characters.

Long story short, Sybernika has its ruthless moments, but as long as you know what kind of story to expect going in it’s a marvelous work. Well worth my time.

– Maddirose.


Drool Britannnia

And so begins National Novel Writing Month a.k.a. NanoWriMo.

I’ve knocked out the first 600 words of my effort and I have to say it’s feeling like I might be on to a winner. My antagonist seems pretty real to me as does the world he inhabits. This could be my most commercial work yet.

As things stand, the novel will be a mixture of steampunk, zombie fiction and Conan Doyle pastische. I might even allow Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger a walk-on part or two.

Mind you, I have an awful lot on my plate and am going through something of a personal crisis, so finding the time and inclination to work on the blessed thing might prove problematical. I may even have to abandon or at least postpone the project. Also, the story might not have enough legs to make it to the 50,000 word mark. I believe every story has a natural length and if this one is only – say – 30,000 words then so be it.

As soon as I’ve polished off my first chapter, I intend to post it on this blog and invite comment on it. So watch this space.

And the title? It could change, but right now I’ve settled on ‘Drool Britannia’.

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

My latest novella ‘By the Light of the Silvery Moon’ is available as an ebook from Kindle Direct ->

Andrew was a perfectly normal boy… until he killed his mother. Now the only thing that keeps him sane is his imaginary friend, Weird Willy Whizzbang.

Unfortunately, Andrew’s father is determined to get rid of Weird Willy, leaving Andrew with a stark choice. If he wants to save Weird Willy, he has to kill his father.

For Andrew, the choice is a no-brainer.


The lovely people at Philistine Press recently interviewed me and the results are now on-line.

So, if you want some insight into the workings of my mind, here’s the place to go ->

Official: I am now a Fictioneer