I’m a writer and director of the occasional short film.

Although a Londoner, I’m based in Blackpool on the north west coast of England.

My latest novel – Sybernika – is now out from Philistine Press – and it’s free!

  1. Yeah, I think you’d better get yo’ ass back to Autho because, frankly, the “We Want Patrick Back” campaign and the spin-off arguments about the right to call people cunts (I think the majority are with you) are dominating the Forum and it’s all getting a bit tedious, and it needs someone–you, preferably–to come back and call them all cunts and be your own sweet loveable grumpy self, when we can all start talking about something else again.

    Not only that, but we’re under siege on the FA thread, and having had a “PW crit” on one’s book is now seen as something highly desirable–the ‘limited edition’ of crits, apparently–by those who haven’t had one, and a source of smugness by those who have.

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