ReMyOwStMo – Day 22

I’m glad to report I’ve picked up the pace somewhat with regards to Read My Own Stuff Month. Over the past few days, I have ploughed through both Riders on the Storm and Walpurgis Night and am well on the final few chapters of my children’s novel Tommy and the Gruber. My aim of getting through all my novels and novellas this month is starting to look achievable.

Riders, by the by, is a novelisation of a film script of mine which has over many years gone through numerous changes. Now the script is called Fleeced and is in pre-production with Split Second Films, which makes Riders something of a transitional fossil.  In the meantime, a small part of the novel has formed the basis of my award-winning short film, Raspberry Ripple, starring the late, great Mick Green.

My review of Riders is below. With luck the one for Walpurgis Night will follow tomorrow with Tommy hot on its heels.


Riders on the Storm by Patrick Whittaker. Reviewed by Patrick Whittaker.

Fucking brilliant.


About Patrick Whittaker

I'm a writer and director of the occasional short film. Although a Londoner, I'm based in Blackpool on the north east coast of England.

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