9:03. Hollywood comes to Blackpool (sorta).

It’s been a busy few days for me. I’ve been persuaded to return to the film-making fray with a short film based on my short story, 9:03, which was originally published in Spinetingler, one of my all-time favest magazines (http://www.spinetinglermag.com/library/s09/903.html).

The film proved to be something of a family affair with my brother Phil, my sister-in-law Kathy and my niece Becky all making invaluable contribution as producer, catering manager and 1st AD respectively. I, of course, directed. The rest of the crew consisted of Becky’s boyfriend, Ollie, who proved himself a top-class gaffer and a dab hand with the clapperboard.

Apart from a policewoman played very ably by a girl called Banana, the entire cast consisted of members of the Wigan Ukelele Club (honestly)! Although none of them are professional actors, they all acquitted themselves very nicely.

A somewhat surreal and pleasant touch to the day was added by the cast and Phil (also a member of the Wigan Ukele Club) serenading us at lunchtime with such timeless classics as Dedicated Follower of Fashion and Dirty Purple Curtains.

The film was shot on HD (by my good self) and I’m very pleased with the rushes. What I’m not pleased about is the sound. Not that the sound is in any way bad – far from it. The problem is that we recorded it onto a netbook which has had a nervous breakdown and refuses to boot up. Quite what to do about that, I have yet to decide. In the meantime, I’m using the sound from the video tape for editing purposes.

So, yeah, things went wrong. They always do on shoots. But I see no reason why it won’t come together in the end. And when it does, I think we’ll have ourselves an accomplished film to show at festivals and (hopefully) use as a calling card to get together some funding for a feature film.

Watch this space.


About Patrick Whittaker

I'm a writer and director of the occasional short film. Although a Londoner, I'm based in Blackpool on the north east coast of England.

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